Cinesamples Deep Percussion Beds 2 Download


second epic percussion loops library for composers of film, television and game with 40 power dynamic and adapt to the new brand. Of bed to sit well in the mix, the high impact action pound through groove track. For the composer at the deadline. (FULL + Link)


This new 2-link features 40 additional variations each for a total of 120 different slot are all separated into low, medium and high to low as possible for easy sorting, mixing and matching a lot, makes percussion loops over your work with the creative process.


Each of the 40 individual patches related links. The piece consists of hits on the bottom of the loop at the top. Walk including full Mixtures (low middle high all the drama and film immediately, with three variations and coda three matches), then a layer of low, medium and high places us in person.

All of the patches allows users to find links to view individual pieces into and out of which one (s) is the best for himself. They are divided into two groups – 4/4 and 4/4 is not.

THE 04/04 All patch

The 4/4 loops laid over almost all of our chromatic keyboard.

ALL NON 4/4 Patches

A 4/4 loops separated by time signatures 8/12, 3/4, 5/4 and 7/8.

The Mod Wheel control Full Mix all patches mixture layer.

In addition, all patches are divided into two main patch: 4/4 time signature links, and signature-free 4/4 time loops. Each group is divided into four distinct areas: full loops mixed layer handles Low, Mid link layer, layer and loop height. If you play by the All-Patch, the name displayed in the GUI link, making it easier to get connected to the strip.


Each piece includes DPB2 to fit a variety of settings for the adjustment of the loops on the right in each production.


Mix option allows you to attenuate the level of each individual link layer.


We also have EQ generally increases or decreases in specific frequency bands circle.


integrated compressor, including all the usual parameters you need to control the dynamics.


Finally, there are built-in reverb to add space to your trip.

about the library

Compiled by industry professionals who are very talented, and mix with our veteran sound engineer Tim STARNES, library, sequence to the collection of Deep Bed Percussion our original proposal of Tempo-synced loops of 40 fresh and versatility that is sure inspire and increase your production for film, television, games and much more!

40 loops distributed as follows:

27 separate pieces 4/4

5 different patch 12/08

4 different patch 3/4

2 patch different 5/4

2 different patch 7/8

That amounts to 81 4/4 variations loop, the loop 15 12.8 variations, variation 12 3/4, 6 5/4 loop variants, variants and 6 7/8 loop.

In addition, each piece 3 Codas (one for each variant) and those hits that you can use to customize the bundle for your own composition.

Library Building concept

The problem with most percussion loops is that they are crazy. Typically, epic orchestral percussion loops have the habit of drawing attention to themselves. They include so many samples did not give a dynamic front either the composer’re there or not. The library concept is to have a special link that is designed to provide the basis of instructions, which is contrary to create the magnificent façade. The link is designed to act as a support structure in the music, as the bed in order to improve – but not control – your signal.

We will do everything in their power to realize taking a variety of music. This allows your signal to grow organically, as it would with percussionists streaming. Each coil consists of five main elements: VARIATIONS A, B Variation, VARIATION C Codas / Endings for variation, and individual hits in the loop. With different variations, along with some hits, you can make your bed more percussive character and flexibility, to break the monotony of the usual drum loop.

Any change as a mixture of all and as one who has accumulated stress, allowing maximum control.


Thanks to a large