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Ambitious young chefs are put to the ultimate goal of Ada in the kitchen, the reality competition with the world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay cook. Each of these chefs dreams of fame and money, but many already quickly find that their dreams nightmares. Chef Ramsay demands quality and intensity of the challenges above all can imagine players. Divided into two teams, they have to compete with each other to ensure they are the best in the kitchen. If they do, they are going richly rewarded extravagant trips on a private yacht Ramsay. Those who do not endure a humiliating punishment. At the end of each segment, the cook, the best performance comes according to Ramsay play a team selected to choose one of two cooks with his own team elimination. Then they have their reasons for their choice. Although one of the two chefsmay be eliminated, Ramsay is not obliged to choose one, but the final decision on who goes to the house is done by them. Waffle House chefs for chefs rules, players are in every way, from the management to the culinary skills. Conventional problems include testing the flavor each pallet and special events such as birthdays and weddings. Cook, however, should always be on your toes because you never know when you might come as a surprise. Last season –